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Welcome to the Product Division of HouseLogix

HouseLogix proudly combines years of custom A/V service with over a decade of software development background to present new solutions from simple Control4 drivers to unique products serving the custom electronics market.

NEWS & updates

VoicePod Mobile September 20th, 2013

VoicePod Mobile for iOS launches at CEDIA. Try it free on on the App Store. If you ever dreamed of offering clients an intelligent voice assistant for home control, the wait is over!

VoicePod Mobile is an all-new app that combines the power of Google speech recognition and the all-new VoicePod Cloud Service to take the VoicePod concept to a sophisticated new level. Not only is VoicePod Mobile pretty much "Siri for Control4", but it is also an extremely high-performance mobile app for general (non-voice) control. The app always loads instantly and allows users to organize their favorite Control4 actions any way they choose. It's like a whole-home dynamic keypad. Check out this demo video!


HouseLogix Home Theater Coverage June 12th, 2013

The VoicePod: You Speak. It Obeys. "CEDIA 2012 has receded into the poorly lit reaches of my cobweb-covered memory. But the one thing that most stood out in the cornucopia of all things custom-install still stands in sharp relief today: HouseLogix’s absolutely amazing VoicePod. Actually, it sits in sharp relief – right on the top of my desk." says Home Theater Magazine's editor Darryl Wilkinson.


HouseLogix Technology Tel Coverage May 6th, 2013

TechnologyTell.com (a site for daily reviews, insights and information covering various types of electronics) recently covered our release of the AquaTel Fluid Level Monitor and HDMI Repair Kit. Their article spells out all the facts and benefits in a quick read. If you haven't seen these new product offerings yet be sure to view all the details on their respective pages.


VoicePod Black May 2nd, 2013

HouseLogix is pleased to announce that VoicePod, the highly-anticipated new Zigbee™ voice control module for Control4, ships to our dealers May 13th! After three years of development and a successful beta test program, HouseLogix is now taking first-come, first-served orders for this pioneering product.

VoicePod enables completely hands free speech control for any Control4 system. Simply say "Hello VoicePod" and control lights, temperatures, security, music and TV using simple voice commands. A comprehensive Control4 driver is included (free of charge) that allows you to quickly configure VoicePod to provide all kinds of useful speech interaction for your clients. Using built-in speech synthesis technology, VoicePod can generate dynamic speech feedback, such as security messages and weather reports, in response to any Control4 event. VoicePod can even use a hidden microphone and tie into a room's audio system for invisible control


HouseLogix Honeywell Integration Module February 7th, 2013

Thanks to your feedback we're releasing an update for the HHIM driver that opens up additional functionality and fixes a couple minor issues. The latest driver is always available for download from the Dealer Portal. Fixes and updates include:

  • Added a new property called "Restrict Partition Messages" which, when enabled, will force the HHIM to only report information from the partition the Keypad Address is assigned too. If you don't want to see messages from all partitions, simply select "Yes".
  • Fixed an issue where Carbon Monoxide detectors would not report their status correctly.
  • For those of you on version 2.3.0, you will receive a <text> tag on the user interface. This is a known Control4 bug and they have fixed it for the next release.

HHIM Security AdapterThe HHIM is no longer on backorder; we've received a fresh batch from our manufacturer and even have expedited shipping options on the last page of check-out.

Want to use the HHIM wirelessly? No problem! Check out this quick step-by-step instruction guide we've written that uses the Global Cache iTach WF2SL Wifi to Serial with an HHIM.

VoicePod - Speech Recognition for Home AutomationAugust 25th, 2012

HouseLogix unveils VoicePod to the world at CEDIA 2012 in Indianapolis.  Monitor www.voicepod.com for information about our incredible new device that is poised to revolutionize home control through the use of voice recognition and speech synthesis in homes.


June 22nd, 2012

We are sorry to report that Nest Labs has asked us to stop providing a Control4 third party integration driver for the Nest® Thermostat. As we want to respect their product and company we have removed the driver from our Dealer Portal and licenses will no longer be generated.

Please see the Nest Thermostat page for full details.

April 18th, 2012

Lutron Control4 DriversAn updated Lutron RadioRA2 Main Repeater driver has been released which fixes an keep-alive issue where the Control4 system would not automatically reconnect to the RA2 Main Repeater in the event of connectivity loss.

Log in for access to all our free downloads including the most current Lutron RadioRA 2, Lutron QS Standalone, and Lutron HomeWorks QS drivers.