Amcrest / Dahua NVR

Integrate Amcrest or Dahua NVR with Control4.
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This is a driver pack to integrate Amcrest or Dahua NVR with control4.  

The driver supports motion detection, if enabled on the camera, to trigger events on the Control4 system.

o Support for MJPEG and H.264 video feeds
o Supports Basic authentication
o Loads basic driver meta data into control4 Composer Pro
o Allows automated reboots of the camera
o Home is set to preset1
o Supports jumping to 6 presets
o Supports motion detection events if enabled on the camera



Driver License:  Site (one required per project)

02/10/17 - 1.0.0 - Initial Release

03/01/17 - 1.0.2 - Fix url streams and updated documentation

07/07/17 - 1.0.3 - Fix to snapshot URL

07/13/17 - 1.1.8 - standardized versions with camera driver

  - added support capability

  - improvements to motion detection

1. Log into your NVR
2. Select setup
3. Under the Camera section select video
4. Under the main stream configure the following

a. Code-stream Type: General
b. Encoding Mode: H.264B
c. Resolution: 720P
d. Frame Rate: 10
e. Bit Rate: VBR
f. Set a watermark if you would like to

5. Enable the sub stream and configure it for MJPEG

a. Code-stream Type: General
b. Encoding Mode: MJPEG
c. Resolution: VGA
d. Frame Rate: 10
e. Bit Rate Control: CBR
f. Bit Rate: 1280