AquaTel Wireless Level Monitor Control4 Driver License

Partner: HouseLogix
The two-way Control4 driver allows alerts to be received via email or the Control4 UI — and triggers automated events – based on fluid levels or changes in temperature or status. The driver also allows you to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and more easily access data from the system. ).

MSRP: $99
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The AquaTel Fluide Level Monitor Control4 Driver Features:


  • FREE 48 hour trial - simply download and install with no license code
  • Receive Email Alerts and Trigger Events based on fluid levels, temperature, and status changes
  • Monitors Air Temperature of Tank
  • Native integration with Control4 Motors and Sensors area
  • Contact closure for integration with the Control4 water level icon
  • Feedback on alarm status on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, MAC and touch panels
  • Ability to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius scales
  • All data is stored in variables for use in programming
  • Low battery notification to Control4

Driver License:  Site (one required per project)

 - Big fix to handle bad data as well as multiple tanks on one base station.

Aquatel D110 Serial Water Tank Interface

This driver allows Control4 to read all the data from the Aquatel D110 and populates the information into the Properties window as well as programming variables which can be used for events, notifications, and OSD display.


License Key:
License key purchased to activate the driver.

License Status:
Status of license activation.

Temperature Display Unit:
The unit of display for temperature, either Celsius or Fahrenheit (default)

Data Frequency (seconds): Integer Range
Number of seconds to wait to retrieve data from the sensor. Default is 60 seconds (1 minute).

Last Updated: String
The date/time data was last received from the sensor.

Tank Number: Integer
The address assigned to this tank unit.

Sensor Status: String
Connection status of the sensor, e.g. Disconnected or Connected.

Tank Level: String
The percentage full (0-100%) or 999 = Unknown.

Signal Strength: String
The wireless signal strength between the receiver and sensor.

Temperature: String
The temperature (in Fahrenheit) the sensor is reading or 1000 = Invalid.

Battery Status: String
The current battery status, e.g. Unknown, Battery OK, or Battery Needs Replacing.

Alarm State: String
The alarm state of the water level sensor, e.g. No Alarm, Alarm Low or Alarm High. Either alarm condition will trigger/open the associated contact sensor.

Debug Mode:
Used for debugging the driver. Output is displayed on the Lua tab.
- Off
- Print
- Log
- Print and Log

All variables below will report the same status as seen in the corresponding Properties section.




Update Now:
Queries sensor values immediately and populates driver Properties and Variables.

RS232 (Serial):
The serial connection to the receiver.

Sensor binding.