IntesisBox provides integration for a wide range of HVAC systems including to Mitsubishi, Daikin, Toshiba, Panasonic, LG, Fujitsu, Samsung, Gree, Carrier, Sanyo and more.

The IntesisBox allows you to easily integrate HVAC systems into ELAN by retrofitting the IntesisBox gateway into the existing indoor unit.  Intesis offer two gateway types. Specific IntesisBox’s are developed to communicate with the HVAC manufacturer’s proprietary communications protocol allowing for true real time bidirectional communication with the system. Universal IntesisBox’s are developed to offer compatibility with thousands of HVAC models through infra red and offer room temperature feedback via a sensor in the IntesisBox.  The universal model also provides feedback when the customer uses the original IR remote to control the HVAC system.

Chowmain’s IntesisBox driver for ELAN will work with all models of IntesisBox and will provide full two way control/feedback.


  • Automatic discovery of IntesisBox based on unit MAC address.
  • Self healing - if IP address changes the driver will automatically rediscover the unit.
  • Temperature Feedback.
  • Mode Control/Feedback
  • Fan Speed Control/Feedback
  • Setpoint Control/Feedback
  • Up/Down/Left/Right Vane position control
  • HVAC System Error detection and feedback (only on non universal IntesisBox’s).
  • Support for multiple AC units (this will work on future IntesisBox hardware – Current version only supports single indoor units).
  • Can get feedback when the customer uses the original IR remote for the Universal IntesisBox model.

For more information, or to purchase, please visit the IntesisBox Elan Driver product page. 

Updated Support

As valued dealers of both HouseLogix and SnapAV, we wanted to share several changes that will be coming on June 1st. Starting on that date, SnapAV will no longer be providing technical support for partner drivers. Over the next two weeks you will see the product pages being updated so that you can more easily tell who supports which product. 

Additional changes include:

  • Enhanced support is now available for HouseLogix products from SnapAV tech support. Again, feel free to call 610.928.3695 or email for assistance.
  • You will continue to receive relevant email blasts on new partner products. 
  • There will be a link to on the SnapAV website. 
  • SnapAV will continue to handle all sales and related pre-sales design support. 
  • All payments will continue to be processed securely by SnapAV. 
We appreciate your support over the years. If you have any questions or issues related to this transition please feel free to reach out.