Blog posts of '2015' 'October'

We are excited to officially announce our partnership with ECKey and the availability of their Bluetooth reader with accompanying free Control4 driver

Building upon the line of RFID readers that integrate with the Control4 platform, now you can eliminate the need for tags/badges completely! This Bluetooth reader allows users to authenticate with their phone or any other Bluetooth device and is used in conjunction with our HouseLogix Access Control Database (HACD) and Wiegand Converter

The EK6 reader can easily be installed in new applications or as a retrofit or upgrade to an existing reader or other access control device. It listens for all discoverable Bluetooth devices in range. When one is located, the reader converts the device’s ID to Wiegand data and sends it to Control4. The HouseLogix Access Control Database will then grant or deny access depending on the authorization level assigned to that user.


  • Adjustable read range from 1' – 30'
  • 128 bit encrypted token ensures security
  • Cabling Up to 500', min. 22 AWG with overall shield.
  • Operating temp. -40°F to 185°F
  • Read distance Up to 30'. Default approx. 5'
  • Redundant read delay 5 seconds
  • Compatible with any classic Bluetooth device
  • Certifications/Approvals - FCC & CE

For more information or to purchase, please visit the ECKey Bluetooth Reader page

First New Security Drivers for OS 2.8 Available From Domosapiens

Domosapiens has just updated its two popular security drivers, the HAI Omni IP and the DSC IT-100 drivers, with full support for the new security features available with OS 2.8.

In addition to a beautiful new visual interface, similar to the interfaces introduced previously for thermostats and spas, the new security drivers offer ease of use with several new functions:

  • Access to all Arm modes supported by the security panel
  • Ability to trigger Emergency modes (Fire, Medical, Panic)
  • A History tab showing all security events, with filters for easier viewing
  • A Zone status tab showing the status of all relevant zones, personalizable by zone type (15 types are available)
  • The ability to close motorized zones (e.g. garage doors and electronic gates) directly from the Zone status tab
  • Virtual keypad for additional control (DSC IT-100 driver only)
  • Ability to bypass zones before arming (HAI IP driver only)

The Domosapiens drivers offer a rich set of programming events, commands and variables, much beyond the standard set offered by the new security Proxy.  With these drivers, for example, it is possible to trigger on an event such as “When Armed Stay”, “When Disarmed from Away”, “When Exit Delay Starts” and “When an Entry Delay Starts”, and many more...

Both drivers also feature Zone Groups, a new and powerful concept where you can group zones (“Water Detectors” or “Basement Motion Sensors”, for example) and thus trigger on group events for simpler programming.

When considering options for the DSC PowerSeries security panels under OS 2.8, make sure you compare all the functions of available drivers, especially programming options.  All our drivers have a free 48-hour test period.

Best of all, the new Domosapiens security drivers are available for free to existing users, while the download packages still contain the previous version of the drivers for installation in pre-OS 2.8 projects.