Blog posts of '2015' 'June'


Add User Level Programming to GE Concord Panels

GE Concord User Enhancement Control4 Driver

The GE Concord User Enhancement Driver provides a greater level of integration for the Interlogix Concord Security Panel with Control4 home automation systems. It works by sitting between the panel's serial port and the panel's pre-existing driver. This allows for the user to program and fire Control4 events when the panel is armed or disarmed, while retaining all of the panel's original and unaltered functionality.

This driver allows you to program and trigger user specific events through Control4 when the system is either armed or disarmed. For example, you may program the driver to send text or email message notifications when the kids arm the alarm when leaving for school. Or, start a custom lighting and music scene based on which user disarms the alarm.

To read more about the GE Concord User Enhancement Driver, or to purchase, please visit the product page on our website: GE Concord User Enhancement Control4 Driver.

Super Summer Sale on White VoicePod Tabletop

Here’s your best opportunity yet to give your customers instant hands-free voice control in Control4. We are overstocked with white VoicePods so we are offering the lowest pricing ever on VoicePod tabletop units (white only)VoicePod tabletop continues to be a great way to add useful and novel functionality to Control4 projects. 

The product works especially well in bedrooms and dens. Just say “Hello VoicePod” and speak your command. You can invoke lighting a scene, adjust your thermostat, start music, and tune TV channels totally hands free. VoicePod is fast, fun and easy to program. Black units are excluded from this promotion and remain at the normal  dealer pricing. Act fast, this is a limited time promotion!

To read more about VoicePod or take advantage of this limited time promotion, please visit the product page here: VoicePod Summer Sale