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New Helix Media Extenders

Helix Introduces New Media Extenders | Ion and Ion Stick

Helix Ion & Ion Stick Media Extenders are unlike anything on the market and are revolutionizing the media landscape. The Ion is a Fully functional Media Extender which can output 1080p video and can access the content stored on your server as well as stream FREE Movies and TV Shows from one of almost a dozen video streaming apps we've installed and configured already for you.

Helix Ion & Ion Stick Features:
  • Access your media server and streaming services from up to 7 different TV's
  • Stream Netflix, Kodi, Plex, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Pandora, and Spotify, and Airplay!
  • 1080p video output
  • Auto launches into the Helix Media interface
  • Instantly stream thousands of movies & TV shows in HD
  • Amazon app store also available through the device
  • 1 HDMI, 4 USB, 1 LAN ports
To read more about the Helix Ion media extenders, or to purchase, please visit the product page for the Helix Ion and Helix Ion Stick

Compatible With Chowmain's KODI Control4 Driver

The new Helix Ion media extenders operate off of XMBC (KODI) just as the Helix Media Servers do, meaning that Chowmain's KODI driver is also compatible with these extenders. Driver functionality includes:

  • IP based communications
  • Transport controls
  • Numerical buttons act as jump to percentage during video playback or SMS style quick navigation when in navigational modes.
  • Movie selection from Control4’s Navigator
  • Import Movies from the Kodi library into Control4's library with meta data and cover art.
  • Automatic update upon movie Kodi library update notification and much more.
To read more about the KODI Control4 driver, or to purchase, please visit the product page on our website: KODI Control4 Driver

XBMC/KODI LITE Driver for Control4 Installation Video