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CoverMe Driver by DTI Automation

DTI Automation Joins HouseLogix Marketplace

The HouseLogix team would like to welcome our newest partner, DTI Automation. They are joining the Marketplace and offering a new Control4 driver called CoverMe

CoverMe is an extremely powerful media updating tool for the Control4 system. It is distinctive because of its simple features, easy installation, quick update executions, precise metadata gathering and most importantly it consolidates all the movies from your storage devices connected to Control4 in one place called ‘MyMovies’ on the home screen. The automatic movie renaming feature makes it an outstanding performer and can take movies that only have a file name and add the proper meta data.

With just five clicks you can update 1000+ movies in your database with high resolution cover art, synopsis, cast & crew information. In addition, with Control4’s movie filter option (Genre, Director, Actor, Rating) you can search and select the exact movie you want to watch.

Here are some quick features of CoverMe:

  • Injects Cover Art, Actor Information, Director Information, Genre, Rating, Synopsis, and Official Release Date of the Movie
  • Automatically synchronizes in the background for seamless operation on the front end.
  • No need for an intermediate device like a dedicated computer to manage data. 
  • Supersedes the features of existing Movie Management Software and Drivers.

Dealers looking to try it out in their showroom can use coupon code " DEMO50 " to receive $30 off. For more information or to order, please visit the CoverMe product page.

Control4 Driver Updates
We've had a number of drivers updated in the past month. Here's a bullet point list of the drivers and their features. Be sure to use our FREE Auto Update driver to check you project and upgrade automatically. 

  • Honeywell VAM
    • Zone timestamp fix so it only updates once per trigger
    • Zone Name Replacement feature so you can programatically change "Zone 11" to "Front Door" for example
    • Composer action to print all zone states
    • Composer action to print all custom zone names
  • Pandora Player
    • Update to further increase the audio output gain
  • Kodi FULL
    • Playback audio announcements that are stored on Director through Kodi.  
    • Put the system in a suspended state on power off.
    • Select Onscreen Navigator on Stop command, useful if you don't want the user to see Kodi's interface.  
    • Disable Room Off when windowed; used for certain addons that window/minimise Kodi to launch another application.
  • Belkin WeMo Switch Driver
    • Now with support for the Insight hardware including the ability to monitor energy related data.
    • Auto discovery of IP address and port by entering in the serial number of the WeMo
    • Auto update of IP address and port upon change
    • Connect driver to outlet light or relay device drivers
    • Connect driver to keypad buttons (with LED feedback) to allow for quick on/off/toggle programming
    • Detect power usage statistics from the WeMo insight switch.

Visit HouseLogix in Dallas at CEDIA Expo Oct. 15th & 16th
The annual CEDIA Expo Trade Show is almost here and HouseLogix is making final preparations. Unlike last year, however, we are limiting our booth to spend more quality time talking with dealers to better understand how we can help you. 

We know everyone is busy so in an effort to maximize your time, please contact us to schedule a meeting at our booth space 6600 on either Thursday or Friday.