Blog posts of '2016' 'February'

This is the one driver every Control4 project needs. Now end users can have the flexibility to program basic macros or "routines" for their own system from within the Control4 iOS or Android app, touch screen, PC\Mac application, or any other Control4 navigator.

Is your client not sure what they want that "Welcome Home" scene to do? No problem, the Routines driver gives them the ability to set up execution of lighting scenes, individual lights, temperatures, audio and video sources, or even something like a fountain relay on their own. Tie the "Welcome Home" routine to a keypad or garage door and then they have the flexibility to modify that button's "programming" without Composer HE. 

Is your client always asking to change the schedule of when certain actions run. With our built-in scheduler now they an easily manage when a Routine runs from the Control4 UI! Schedule anything from lighting scenes, relays, fans, and even audio or video source selection. 

Features include:

  • Create routines that can be executed on the fly. Simply select the routine and execute it
  • Control a number of devices and rooms including:
    • Blinds
    • Fans
    • Lights (legacy and v2)
    • Audio Devices
    • Video Devices
    • Room Control including sending navigational, number keypad, transport, volume and other remote control commands
    • Relays
    • Thermostats
    • Lighting Scenes
  • Set up Logic rules like delays and firing dealer programmed events
  • Scheduling - easily make routines you've created run at specific times or days of the week
  • History - view the 50 most recent routines that you or someone else has executed
  • Advanced Dealer Programming
    • Ability for dealers to program a keypad button or event in Control4 like a garage door opening to fire off a Routine
    • Program advanced notifications or actions based on when a Routine has been run
  • Easy to use - no worrying about creating loops or other programming that might "break" the project
  • Free 48 hour trial - simply download and install with no license key
To read more or purchase, please visit the Advanced Routines Control4 driver page. If you want to see this tool in action, check out the quick video below:

Domosapiens releases V1.1 of the Sinopé thermostat Driver

Sinopé thermostats let you control remotely your electric heating system (baseboards, convectors, fan-forced convectors), as well as your heated floors through their Web platform called neviweb®.  The new TH1300RF Heated floor thermostat features a beautiful user interface and provides advanced capabilities for controlling heated floors.  The Domosapiens driver fully integrates the Sinopé system to Control4, using the Sinopé GT125 Web interface.  

For more information on how to install Sinopé products, please refer to the available documentation and the Sinopé website.

Here are the main features of the driver:

  • Supports up to 250 Sinopé thermostats wirelessly (mesh technology), all connected to one Sinopé GT125 Web Interface.
  • Provides a direct, resilient IP connection (not via the cloud) to the GT125 Web Interface.
  • Supports both regular electric heating thermostats (TH1120RF) and floor heating thermostats (TH1300RF).
  • Supports the new thermostatV2 features available with OS 2.7 or later, including Presets and Schedule.
  • Regularly polls the thermostats to take into account any local changes (such as temperatures and setpoints).
  • Can regularly broadcast time and date to all thermostats and, with appropriate drivers installed, also broadcast Outdoor temperature to the Sinopé thermostats.
  • Provides a comprehensive set of thermostat commands available in programming.
For more information, or to purchase, please visit the Sinope Thermostat IP Driver by Domosapiens page.