Blog posts of '2016' 'April'

HouseLogix today announced an Elan driver for the official Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Comfort Control API, a line of connected thermostats that allow consumers to regulate their energy usage and home comfort through their automation platform. 

Featuring a touch screen display, the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat allows consumers to control their heating and cooling remotely through the Total Connect Comfort app.  The thermostat also allows control of humidity level, filter replacement, and detects loss of internet connectivity. 

The Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat driver offers native integration from the elegant ELAN remote, touch panels, keypads and even the ELAN g!Mobile app. A new registration process also makes it easier for the home owner and dealer to configure integration. Using the portal a home owner can register and link thermostats they want connected to their automation system without having to give their dealer access to their Honeywell username and password. This offers enhanced flexibility and security to the consumer as they can even revoke access to thermostats. 

The Elan experience is maximized with the latest release, giving the home owner the ability to view historic temperature levels and even set schedules and comfort presets. 

A full list of features include:

  • Full support for the Elan Thermostat GUI
  • Scheduling supported through the Elan interface
  • View and set the HVAC Mode (HEAT, COOL and AUTO) 
  • Modify the hold mode directly from the UI
  • View and set the fan mode (On, Auto, and Circulate)
  • Full control over the heating and cooling set points
  • View past history and graphing
  • Free 48 hour trial period - simply enter "TRIAL" into the license key field!

For more information on the driver please visit the Honeywell Wi-Fi & RedLink Elan Thermostat Driver page.

Daikin SkyFi Driver for Control4 

Now with the SkiFi module installers can now easily integrate Daikin based Ducted and Cassette based HVAC systems into Control4.  The module is extremely affordable and will not void Daikin's manufacturer warranty on the HVAC system.  This module is even backwards compatible with systems dated back to 2003.  So dealers can now revisit old customers with compatible Daikin HVAC systems to upgrade their home automation system and integrate their HVAC system.


  • Temperature Feedback
  • Setpoint Control
  • Zone Name import *
  • Zone On/Off (Open/Shut) *
  • Timer Function (Turn on system in x hours and off in x hours).
  • Outside Temperature Feedback *
  • Filter Clean Notification on Navigator.
    • * If fitted to the HVAC system.

For more information or to purchase, please visit the Daikin SkyFi Control4 Driver page.