There are often times when you have a single thermostat capable of heating or cooling only but want to couple or combine it with another thermostat that is handling the opposite tasks. This often happens when using a mini split HVAC unit. Now you can use this driver to solve that problem and provide enhanced functionality such as Auto mode where the driver manages the heating and cooling without the risk of running both at the same time.

Driver Features

  • Couples two discrete heating and cooling systems into a single thermostat UI
  • Supports any V2 thermostat
  • Use can configure which thermostat to get the temperature from
  • Works with the latest Control4 thermostat UI
  • Supports Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Fan mode, set point, hold and presets are all implemented
  • Full scheduling support through Control4
  • FREE 48 hour trial. Simply download the driver and install with no license key.

For more information, or to download, please visit the Control4 Thermostat Coupler Driver page.

Official Honeywell Thermostat Control4 Driver & Hardware Bundle

For those dealers that are unaware, HouseLogix has an official Control4 driver for the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Comfort Control API, a connected thermostat that allows consumers to regulate their energy usage and home comfort through their automation platform. 

Featuring a touch screen display, the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat allows consumers to control their heating and cooling remotely through the Total Connect Comfort app.  The thermostat also allows control of humidity level, filter replacement, and detects loss of internet connectivity. 

The Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat driver offers backwards compatibility for projects still running Control4 OS 2.5.3 while enhanced functionality is dynamically exposed for users on the latest 2.8 build. The Control4 Comfort UI experience is maximized with the latest release, giving the home owner the ability to view humidity levels and even set schedules and comfort presets on touch panels, iOS, Android, and PC/Mac apps. 

Don't forget, when you bundle together the Control4 Driver and Thermostat, you will automatically receive a discount on the combo!