Irrigation season is in full effect! With rising water costs, there has never been a better time to pitch your clients on upgrading their basic irrigation system with a smart controller. Better yet, this smart controller can be integrated with Control4 and URC using our driver/module for even smarter operation. Listening to music in the back yard? Automatically delay any watering cycles while the music is on. 

HouseLogix is offering distribution pricing on these products and the new PRO line is not available in stores. In addition, add the Rachio hardware and either the Control4 driver or URC module to your cart for an additional discount automatically!

Don't forget, many installs may qualify for rebates when installing a smart irrigation controller! If you have any questions on your area please contact Rachio at or check out more info at

For more info or to purchase, please visit the Rachio product page. A few of the great new features on the 16 zone irrigation controller include:  

  • Even easier to connect to wireless
  • Adds on-board control
  • Expands the wiring bay for easier wire connection
  • Added sensor ports for rain and flow meters

HouseLogix is also carrying the new IP54 rated Outdoor Enclosure, designed specifically for use with the new 2nd Generation Controller. 

Rachio Control4 Driver and URC Module

The perfect companion to the Rachio hardware, our Control4 driver is bi-directional, offering you independent control over zones as well as feedback as to the status of the current watering cycle so you can make intelligent programming decisions to further enhance your client's environment. 

  • Works with both GEN1 and GEN2 Rachio Iro controllers
  • Manually control zones from Control4 touchscreens
  • View current zone status
  • Rain Delay
  • Turn device on and off
  • Pause and resume schedule e.g 
    • If music is playing in the back yard, automatically enable a raid delay so the sprinklers don’t turn on.
    • You're having guests over for a picnic and do not want the system to resume until 10pm.
    • Garden vegetables need to be watered at the same time each day but you are away from home during this time.
  • Automate events in your house based on the sprinkler system or vice versa

For more information or to purchase, please visit the Rachio Control4 Driver page

We're pleased to offer a full two way URC Rachio Module solution that your clients will love! A few of the top features include:

  • Works with both GEN1 and GEN2 Rachio Iro controllers
  • Manually control zones from URC interfaces: 
    • TKP-7000, TKP-2000, TRC-1080, TRC-1280, TRC-820
    • URC Mobile Phone & Tablet (iOS/Android) Portrait and Landscape
  • Syncs all data between the different URC interfaces
  • Supports more than one connected Rachio Irrigation Controller
  • Automatically configures zones and names, fully two way compatible
  • View current zone status and trigger with customizable runtime using slider
  • Dynamically displays zones based on their enabled/disabled status in Rachio
  • FREE 48 hour trial - simply enter the word "trial" in the license key parameter

For more information or to purchase, please visit the Rachio URC Module page