For those unfamiliar with DoorBird, the company is the market leader for smartphone door station systems in Europe and has been making smartphone door intercom systems since 2010. Building upon this foundation, the current DoorBird portfolio of products has won multiple highly recognized national and international awards for their innovative technology.

HouseLogix is proud to partner with DoorBird and offer their complete line of intercom door stations at a discounted rate to our dealers.

DoorBird offers a wide range of compelling advantages:

  • Night-Vision - With superior infrared-LEDs
  • Motion Sensor - 180° infrared motion sensor for alarms
  • Microphone - With active noise cancellation
  • HDTV Video - 180° Ultra wide-angle hemispheric lens
  • Speaker - Large-sized and speech enhanced broadband speaker
  • Stainless-Steel Button - With illuminated LED ring
  • Light Sensor - For night-vision mode
  • Network Flexibility - Connects via your WiFi network or Ethernet
  • Outdoor-ready - Rain, snow, heat and frost proof according to industry standard
  • HDTV Video - The video door station features a high quality HDTV camera for crystal clear live video that is recordable to an NVR

For more information, or to order yours, please visit the DoorBird Intercom Door Station page

DoorBird Control4 Driver
Now you can deliver an awesome intercom user experience with Control4 while using the DoorBird door station solution. Couple the hardware with the Cinegration DoorBird Control4 driver and experience these great features:

  • 2-Way audio with Control4 touchscreens and the DoorBird
  • Camera popup on touchscreens!
  • Doorbell announcement through home speakers
  • Fully integrated camera into Control4 on any Control4 interface using the normal IP camera interface
  • Doorbell and motion detection from within the driver, no extra wires needed!
  • Turn on the light at the door station

For more information, or to purchase, please visit the DoorBird Door Station Control4 Driver page