Windows PC & NVR IP Control Quick Start

HouseLogix Windows PC and NVR Control Video

Last week we released the HouseLogix PC and NVR Windows application which allows seamless integration between your Windows PC and home automation system. This driver was specifically designed to work with automation control systems and we even included a Control4 driver for free. URC, Crestron and RTI will be available soon. Send commands, launch programs and trigger events on your computer all over IP.

Below you can find a quick start setup video for configuring our new HouseLogix PC and NVR Windows Application & Driver to make setup a breeze.

Rimikon LED IP 24V Pot Light Installation

This video covers a complete install of our new Rimikon LED IP controlled pot lights. These pot lights come in two different color options, white and warm white and can be integrated into your Control4 system for full control.

To read more about our 24V Pot Lights or to purchase, please visit the product page here:

Along with the 24V pot lights you will also need a Rimikon IP Controller as pictured in the video. This small device is what allows your pot lights and other rimikon lighting products to communicate with Control4.

To read more about the Rimikon IP Controller or to purchase, please visit the product page here: Rimikon LED IP Controller

We frequently upload new videos to our YouTube channel which cover new product installs as well as helpful setup & configuration videos. 

You can find us on YouTube here: HouseLogix YouTube channel