HouseLogix Windows PC & NVR Control + Control4 Driver

HouseLogix Windows PC and NVR Control

The HouseLogix PC and NVR Windows application allows seamless integration between your Windows PC and home automation system. Specifically designed to work with automation control systems, we are including a Control4 driver for free. URC, Crestron and RTI will be available soon. Send commands, launch programs and trigger events on your computer all over IP.

The HouseLogix PC and NVR Control software is pre-loaded and included for FREE with your purchase of the HouseLogix NVR. Control the on-screen GUI from Control4 remotes, Apps, or touch screens, including the ability to view past recordings.

Program Features:

  • Launch programs from your control system with the press of a single button
  • Control your PowerPoint presentation using a Control4 remote; the perfect boardroom companion!
  • Navigate and launch Windows Media Center with ease. Directly launch Live TV, Recorded TV, Guide, Movies and more.
  • Read-only data for programming includes:
    • Available hard drive disk space left
    • Total disk space on the drive
    • Detect amount of RAM currently being used
    • Display the total amount of RAM on the system
    • Variable for current CPU activity
  • Ability to reboot the host PC
  • FREE 48 hour trial
  • Auto update program technology means it's always on the latest version

Free Control4 Driver Features:

  • Full SDDP support! Save the Control4 driver to your "drivers" folder, open Composer, and double click on the HouseLogix PC & NVR in the "Discovered" tab, that's it!
  • Pre-configured key mappings for Blue Iris, PowerPoint & Windows Media Center
  • Launch any application you have installed and control it
  • Assign any keyboard command or combination to any remote button or macro.
  • Program notifications or warnings when you're low on disk space or high CPU
To read more about this driver or to purchase, please visit the product page here:
HouseLogix Windows PC and NVR Control4 Driver

HouseLogix NVR

The HouseLogix NVR is a non-proprietary system that works with almost any IP camera on the market.

  • HouseLogix optimized Operating System specifically configured for IP camera recording.
  • Tested to support recording over 40 IP cameras simultaneously
  • Fully licensed, latest version of Blue Iris recording software pre-installed
  • Optional RAID configuration for enhanced redundancy not found in other systems
  • BIOS tuned for maximum performance and power state
To read more about the HouseLogix NVR or to purchase, please visit the product page here: HouseLogix NVR

Blue Iris NVR Control4 Driver

Make almost any IP Camera work natively within Control4 navigators, and use the camera view to trigger actions within it by either code entry, or location aware touch feedback. 


  • Video feed overlays for triggering events via touch
  • Disable all interior camera's when the users alarm is disarmed
  • Send real time alerts to your smartphone
To read more about this driver or to purchase, please visit the product page here:
Blue Iris NVR Control4 Driver

Blue Iris Software

The Blue Iris NVR software is highly robust, user friendly, feature-rich and now has great Control4 integration. It offers simultaneous view and recording up to 64 non-vendor specific cameras, is multi-threaded and optimized for the best performance.


  • Works with hundreds of IP cameras!
  • Overlay text and graphics.
  • Use the built-in web server for customer access in commercial applications.
  • Use motion or audio sensing to trigger recording, or record continuously or periodically.
  • Overlay the current date/time as well as a logo or other information. Optionally record audio.
  • Android and iOS Apps available
  • Now available at reseller pricing
To read more about the Blue Iris software or to purchase, please visit the product page here: Blue Iris Software