Honeywell Wi-Fi & RedLINK Control4 Drivers Updated

Honeywell Thermostats Moving to New Server

HouseLogix and Honeywell have been working together to ensure clients using our Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat and RedLINK Prestige thermostat drivers get the best experience and support. As such, on May 22nd Honeywell will be moving their thermostat access server and any clients using the old Honeywell Wi-Fi or RedLINK drivers will need to update to the latest version already available on our website.

For those dealers who have already installed our FREE Auto Update driver, you do not need to do anything. Your client systems should already have the latest version installed by the time you’re reading this email. If you don’t have the Auto Update driver in your project, be sure to download it and install. It’s simple to use and if you turn on the automatic director restart setting it will even reset the controller overnight if needed. Plus, it auto updates almost every driver we offer on our site!

As part of our ongoing partnership with Honeywell we will be releasing another update later in the year that should eliminate the need for polling and be officially endorsed by Honeywell. Keep an eye out for that update as well as control options for RTI and URC!

Master Thermostat Driver

The Master Thermostat driver is a 'virtual thermostat' that relays commands to as many as 20 other thermostats. The current temperature displayed on the Master Thermostat is the calculated average of all connected thermostats.

Driver Features:

  • Reads the temperature from all connected thermostats and displays the average
  • Control multiple thermostats from one interface
  • Set desired temperatures for all thermostats
  • Set the mode, fan, heat & cool set points
  • Group thermostats based on area
To read more or to purchase, please visit the Master Thermostat product page on our website here: HouseLogix Master Thermostat Control4 Driver