URC Remote Control4 Integration

Now dealers can use the URC Total Control handheld remotes with Control4. Includes URC module and Control4 driver.

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Use the sleek new URC handheld remotes with your Control4 system. Now you have options besides just the Control4 SR250 or SR260 handheld remotes. We have tested this integration with the following:

The companion URC module and Control4 driver are installed on their respective systems and provide for easy, seamless room control in Control4 from the buttons and programmable events on the URC remote.

The URC module can also execute Control4 events for actions like selecting Audio Sources, Video Sources, and even triggering lighting scenes or custom buttons. Use in conjunction with the Advanced Routines Control4 Driver for the ultimate flexibility of the URC programmable buttons.

By default, all the buttons on the URC remote are mapped to the corresponding room commands in Control4. So, if you're watching your FireTV and press the pause button, it will send Pause to the Control4 system and then from Control4 to the FireTV with no programming needed! Press the volume up or down button? Those commands are sent as if the Total Control URC remote was native to Control4.

Driver License:  Site (one required per project)

 - Initial Release

This driver allows URC remotes (TRC-1080, TRC-1280) to control rooms in the Control4 eco-system.

There is a companion URC module that must be installed on the URC controller that will connect to this driver. This driver and the companion module are intended to control [1] room. You will repeat this setup for every room you wish to integrate.

The URC module can execute Control4 events, and button presses on the remote will be sent to the Control4 room this driver resides in.

Ex: Pressing Volume Up will send PULSE_VOL_UP to the Control4 room.


[1] Add this driver to the room you wish to integrate. Should you later drag this driver into a new room, you should press the 'Refresh Room ID' button on the Actions tab.

[2] You have several customizable EVENT buttons. Enter TEXT for these on the Properties tab. Any EVENT button without TEXT will not be visible in URC.

[3] You can program what will happen when an EVENT button is pressed under the Programming tab.

[4] Install the URC module, and enter the IP and ROOM ID from this driver in URC Accelerator under Step 11 (3rd Party 2-Way Settings). See the URC module documentation for details.

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This URC module allows execution of Control4 events and sends remote control button presses to a Control4 room. This module has a companion Control4 driver that it interfaces with.


  • Import the URC module into Accelerator. Restart Accelerator before continuing.
  • Add the module to your project (Accelerator STEP 4)
  • Identify IP address (Accelerator STEP 6)
    • URC requires every module to have a unique address. This module does not actually use this address, so typically you would set ‘’, as long as no other module is using it.
  • Accelerate menus (Accelerator STEP 10)
  • 3rd Party 2-Way Settings (Accelerator STEP 11)
    • Here is where you configure the module. Each parameter must follow a specific format listed below or the module will not read in the parameters correctly. These settings are found in the Control4 driver.
       IP=[Control4_IP];ROOM=[Room_ID];
    • Example:
       IP=;ROOM=20001;
    • Download and Test!