Digital Watchdog Control4 Driver License

Partner: Manfell Services
From Manfell Services, comes the Digital Watchdog Control4 Driver. Will work with legacy Systems, EA Controllers and T3 Touchscreens
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Driver Features:

  • Support for MJPEG and H.264 video feeds
  • Authentication is allowed and recommended
  • Conflict with DW Spectrum resolved, Recording using DW Spectrum will no longer conflict with touch panels, navigator and mobile devices.
  • New settings for H264 streams check on line documentation

Models Supported:

  • DWC-MB421TIR
  • DWC-MB421TIR650
  • DWC-MC421D
  • DWC-MD421D
  • DWC-MD421DB
  • DWC-MD421TIR
  • DWC-MV421DB
  • DWC-MV421TIR
  • DWC-MB721M4TIR
  • DWC-MB721M8TIR
  • DWC-MF21M28T
  • Current Models



Look for the  on my drivers to know you are getting the right driver for Legacy controllers’ and Legacy touchscreen projects on 2.5.3 and above composer


Driver License:  Site (one required per project)

When using DW Spectrum you must
Go to Camera Settings, then Expert
Check: keep camera settings and press apply

If you do not change this stettings camera will revert to original settings

Find camera ip addrees and type into IE or Chrome Explorer

Go to Settings


Do the following:

Change the first stream 

Name 1ch
Resulotion 1280X720 (16:9)
Compression Type H.264 Main Stream
Data Stream 2034
Frame Rate 8


Change second stream

Name 2ch
Resulotion 960X544 (16:9)
Compression Type MJPEG
Data Stream greyed out
Frame Rate 30 or 15
MJPEG Quality Normal or Super Fine


Set Camera to Static IP ( use the IP you found for the camera)

Check to make sure these are the ports displayed if not change to listed

Command Port 7000
Live Port 7001
Web Port 80


Check to make sure these are the ports displayed if not change to listed

Stream 1
RTSP Port 554
RTSP over HTTP Port 8080

Stream 2
RTSP Port 8554
RTSP over HTTP Port 8081


HTTP port 80
RSRP port 554

Check Autherntication Reqired

Username admin (factory default)
Password admin (facuory default)
type: Basic

Note: If you change any of the camera default port or password settings, make the same changes in the driver