DSC PowerSeries Serial Driver (IT-100) by Domosapiens

Partner: Domosapiens
*** SUPPORTS NEW INTERFACE IN OS 2.8+*** A single driver to control all functions of a DSC PowerSeries security system with an IT-100 adapter.
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The PowerSeries systems from DSC provide comprehensive security control. This driver by Domosapiens provides full two-way communication and control between a DSC PowerSeries panel equipped with an IT-100 adapter and a Control4 system.

This driver uses the new .c4z format and thus works only with OS 2.6.0 or above.

IMPORTANT: when upgrading an existing installation of this driver, refer to the installation instructions.

Driver Features

  • Supports DSC PowerSeries panels (PC1616, PC1832 and PC1864) using a DSC IT-100 Data Interface Module.
  • A full-featured DriverWorks driver with integrated polling of the DSC panel to ensure continued and reliable communications.
  • Supports all Partitions and Zones handled by the panel connected to the driver.

  • (New in 2.0.0) Enhanced security support through a new Security Panel driver fully compatible with OS 2.8 and above. The previous security driver remains available for pre-OS 2.8 systems.

    • Displayed zones selectable by partition.

    • Support for 2-minute special delay when “Quick Exit” is used.

    • Virtual Keypad in user interface (Navigator).

    • Virtual Keypad key presses in programming.

    • Ability to trigger Command Outputs (1 to 4) by partition.

    • Zone types automatically generated from connected devices.

    • New devices provided to supplement the standard sensor devices for full support of new proxy zone types.

  • Zone labels are automatically retrieved from the DSC panel.

  • Zone groups allow easy but sophisticated control and programming.

  • Zone groups can trigger Control4 relays for direct control.

  • Supports user names associated with user codes, facilitating programming and e-mailing.

  • Panel Time and Date are updated automatically every 24 hours.

  • Input bindings are available for external Smoke/CO detectors (can accommodate a Nest device, for example).

  • Programming support provided for quick arming and disarming of Partitions (Default User Code entered and kept securely) and to arm in any state.

  • Programming support to activate Emergency modes (Fire, Medical, Panic).

  • Comprehensive set of additional events allowing sophisticated programming, including:

    • “When any Exit Delay starts” and “When any Entry Delay starts”.

    • “When Armed Stay” and “When Armed Away’.

    • “When Disarmed from Stay” and “When Disarmed from Away”.

    • And more…

  • Comprehensive set of additional programming variables, including:

    • Previous Armed state for each partition.

    • Last User number (and name) to Arm/Disarm.

    • Last zone to become Not Ready and last zone to be restored (Ready).

    • And more…

  • Action (“Print Status Report”) to simplify reporting of issues by cut and paste of Lua output in a trouble ticket.

  • Action (“Print Zone Report”) to help in setting up zones and partitions.

  • Includes the Domosapiens Inter-Devices Facility (DIDF) to allow other drivers to monitor and control individual elements through this driver (see detailed section in this document).




Driver License:  Site (one required per project)

1.0.0 December 1, 2014           Initial Release

1.0.8 April 22, 2015                License activation improved

2.0.0 October 17, 2015           Addition of a new securitypanel driver to support the new security interface available with OS 2.8 and above.

2.0.4 November 28, 2015       Zone tamper now generates trouble instead of alarm, issues fixed

2.1.0 December 10, 2015       New property to specify one or two exit delays, Action to recreate a zone and documentation enhanced (changes are highlighted)

2.1.1 February 6, 2016           New CHIME_IS_ON variable, improvements in communications messages

2.1.2 April 13, 2016               New zone name variables and property to fix virtual keypad messages on iOS apps

2.1.3 July 14, 2016                Issues fixed

2.1.4 July 21, 2016                Added events for TROUBLE LED on and off

2.1.5 August 22, 2016           Zones in Partition 1 property now default to 'ALL'

2.2.0 September 22, 2016     Added Entry Delay property and Entry Delay 2 Zone Group

2.2.1 October 3, 2016           Fixed Lua error when activating


This driver enables you to control a DSC PowerSeries panel from Control4 (via an IT-100 adapter)



  • Use the free trial period or activate the driver at any time with the license you purchased from our website. 
  • Connect Control Inputs (Zone Group Relays) and Outputs (Zones and Zone Groups), Proxy (Partitions) and Room Control (including Room Control of any secondary Security Partitions) as appropriate.

  • Refresh connections and verify that all Zone and Partition connections have the right name updated from the panel. Otherwise use the Action "Get all Labels from DSC Panel".

  • Connect the driver's serial connection to the appropriate port in the Connections area. Information will then be retrieved from the panel - this may take several seconds.

  • Enter the Default User Code under Properties for each active partition. This eliminates the need to expose user codes in programming, thus increasing security.

  • If desired, enter User Names corresponding to user codes, separated by commas (ex.: Name1, Name2, Name3, Name4, Name5). Leading spaces for each Name are ignored.

  • If desired, enter the Zone numbers for your Fire detectors, Medical contacts, Panic buttons and Zone Groups, separated by commas (ex.: 12, 22, 51). Leading spaces for each are ignored. For Zone Groups A to G, you may start the list with a non-numeric group name (ex.: Water Detectors, 17, 32, 35).

  • IMPORTANT: enter the zones to appear on the Navigator display for each partition. ALL may be used to assign all zones to a partition.

  • You may rename the security partitions created by the driver (ex.: HOUSE, GARAGE, etc.).

  • Set the Panel type and the desired number of Partitions and Zones (***IMPORTANT*** setting Zones to 0 deletes all zone bindings and connections).

  • It is useful to turn Debug Mode On when installing the driver. This could help identify any issues. 

Values for "PARTITION_n_FULL_STATE_SEE_DOC" variables:

-2 (Busy or Unused)

-1 (Disarmed, Not Ready)

0 (Disarmed, Ready)

1 (Exit Delay)

2 (Armed Away)

3 (Armed Stay)

4 (Entry Delay)

5 (In Alarm)



Full instructions for this driver are included in the download package. You can download the instructions by logging into the HouseLogix website at www.houselogix.com and downloading the driver package.



For support on this driver please go to http://support.houselogix.com. Give a detailed description of the problem and also include the version number of the driver and the version of Control4 OS that you are using.



This driver supports Auto Update. To enable this feature, install one instance of HouseLogix's free Auto Update Control4 Driver in your project.