Generic Color Wheel for ANY RGB Lights

Partner: Domaudeo
Generic Color Wheel for ANY RGB Lights
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This driver allow the user to interract with any RGB lights using a nice Color Wheel interface.


Features Overview:

- Work with ANY Light device that is compatible with Control4

- Bind with light devices using a simple Device Selector or use variable in Programming

- The Color Wheel interface work with the T3 Touch Screen or any mobile device using the Control4 App

- The Color Wheel interface can be brough on-screen using a provided UI Button

- Instant load, No glitch/Load time/Endless spinning wheel

- 8 customizable presets

- Custom Turn-On color

- Brightness control

- Customizable fade




Frequent Asked Questions:

Why I need to go to the Security Section to view the Color Wheel?

Until Control4 release a proper Color Wheel Proxy, we had to use the Camera Proxy to bring this feature to Control4 Navigator.

Ok, but why not using Web View?

Because Web View, altough very powerful, work only on T3 touchscreens... And if you have the same kind of customers as us, they are IN LOVE with their phone so it NEED to work on their phone. If it does not work on phone, it does not work at all. This solution work either on T3 and on any mobile device via the Control4 App.

Can we trigger the Color Wheel interface without going to the Security section?

Yes, on T3 you can use the Color Wheel UI button provided with this driver. You can place this UI button in any section of Navigator (except Lighting :(  ) and you will then be able to trigger the Color Wheel interface using the Navigation Agent and simple Composer programming

What kind of light device is compatible with this driver?

Almost any lighting driver that work on Control4 will work with this driver, it can be a Control4 wall Dimmer, the Enttec DMX Dimmers, or any third party solution that control RGB light in Control4.


Driver License:  Site (one required per project)