HAI / Leviton OmniStat Control4 Driver License

Partner: HouseLogix
The HouseLogix HAI / Leviton Omnistat 2 Control4 driver allows you to interact with the HVAC system like you would any other native Control4 thermostat. The great thing about this thermostat is that it's wired directly to the Control4 system via RS232, providing instantaneous control and feedback. No waiting to talk to the cloud or Wi-Fi chip!).

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NOTE: Due to a baud rate issue this thermostat can only be connected to an I/O Extender, HC300, HC500 or other I/O device supporting a 300 baud rate.

  • Works with thermostat models:
  • RC-2000BL
  • RC-2000SL
  • RC-2000WH
  • RC-1000BL
  • RC-1000SL
  • RC-1000WH
  • RC-80

Driver Features:

  • Free 48 hour trial period - no license key needed!
  • View and set the HVAC Mode (Heat, Cool, Auto)
  • View and set the HOLD Mode
  • View and set the FAN Mode (On and Auto)
  • View and set both the heating and cooling set points
  • Thermostat time is synced with the Control4 system
  • Ability to send the outside temperature to show on the thermostats LCD.
  • Celsius support
  • All standard Control4 thermostat variables are enabled for programming

Driver Notes:

  • Changing from Fahrenheit to Celsius on the touchscreen will only change what is shown in Navigator. Due to a hardware limitation, the physical thermostat must be changed manually if you wish to switch it's display mode.
  • When in a Permanent Hold, this thermostat will not allow you to change setpoints. You must remove the hold, make the desired changes, and then enable the hold again.
  • Controller time is pushed to all thermostats connected to grouphandler every reboot and every 12 hours thereafter. You may also program when to push the time.
  • To send the outside temperature to the thermostats, populate the OutsideTempC variable, and use the Push Outside Temp Command in programming to send it.

Installation Notes:

  • The HAI OmniStat2 Thermostat (RC-1000 and RC-2000) requires use of an external 12 volt power supply to keep the YELLOW pin at a constant 12 volts. Connect the 12v power supply positive (+) to the Yellow terminal and the negative (-) to the N/C.
  • The thermostat serial cable should be wired as follows:
  • N/C = ground
  • BLACK = 2 (receive)
  • GREEN = 3 (transmit)
  • If you still do not have communication, try switching the send and receive or using a null modem adapter.
  • It is possible to wire more than one thermostat together on the same RS232 bus (a total of 7). Simply run a jumper wire from the RS232 port or another thermostat and tie the corresponding N/C, BLACK, and GREEN (ground, receive, transmit) terminals together.
  • In order for proper communication, you must perform the following steps on the physical thermostat:
    • Remove the "COMM" jumper off the back of the thermostat.
    • Go into the "Main Menu" by pressing the rotary dial.
    • Select "Setup", then "Installation Settings" and press "Continue".
    • Select "Thermostat Address" and assign it a unique address between 1 and 7.
    • Go to "Communication Mode" and set the following:
    • Communications: SERIAL
    • System Baud: 300
    • Expansion Baud: 300

Dealer Resources:

Driver License:  Site (one required per project)

HAI Omnistat2 Thermostat
Driver Version: [v2 rev20140218]
Online Documentation: https://www.houselogix.com/
Technical Support Site: http://support.houselogix.com
Please reference the Group Handler driver for installation and initial configuration.
Thermostat Address:
The Address this thermostat is physically set to. On the Thermostat itself,
Enter Main Menu->Setup->Installation Settings->Thermostat Address to see and set the Address.

Displays information about connection status.

Debug Mode:
ON/OFF. Will print debug data to Lua Tab, for HouseLogix support purposes.

All C4 Thermostat Proxy Variables.

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