Honeywell Vista BPT & FBPT Serial Control4 Driver

This driver integrates all Honeywell Vista BPT and FBPT Panels into Control4 systems, via direct RS232 connection. No additional hardware is needed.
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This driver integrates Honeywell Vista BPT Panels into Control4 systems using the built-in direct RS232 connection. No additional hardware is needed as with other panels.

Supported Panels:

  • All BPT and FBPT Panels with onboard RS232 including:
  • Honeywell Vista 128BPT
  • Honeywell Vista 128FBPT
  • Honeywell Vista 250BPT
  • Honeywell Vista 250FBPT
  • Honeywell Vista 32BPT
  • Honeywell Vista 32FBPT


  • Integrate directly into Control4 via RS232
  • No additional hardware needed
  • Support for home, away and stay alarm modes
  • Arm and disarm
  • Easy to use terminal serial connector for direct control system connection.
  • Opened and closed zone status including those from wireless and wired zone expanders.
  • Multi-partition panel support (up to 8 partitions)
  • Security system relay control (up to 96 relays)

Dealer Notes:

  • Only TXD, RXD, and GND are used on the direct connection terminal (which means it will work with an HC250 or HC200)
  • We fully support the Honeywell Vista BPT Control4 driver, however we cannot provide technical support for the security panel and associated alarm programming; please contact your security processional or distributor if you have alarm related questions. 
  • Not intended for life safety applications

Driver License:  Site (one required per project)

- Add polling interval property

- Action and Device Specific Command to Close All Zones
- Action and Device Specific Command to Get Zone Status
- Delayed closing zones upon start up

- Removed polling from driver and strictly use events now.
- Close all zones upon start up to set them in a closed default state

- Stopped same events from firing composer programming multiple times.
- Fixed Zone Numbering bug

- Improved keypad display text update. Now updates every 1s instead of every 10s.

- Fixed an issue where serial parser was prematurely capturing incomplete data.
- Added asterisk key support.
- Added additional state changes to keypad for Not Ready, Bypass, Maximum, and Instant arming states.
- Added 96 relay bindings corresponding to the 96 Control Channels.

- New "Partition Limit" property to specify the maximum updated partition increased to support 8 total
- Improved polling logic

- The first character of the displayed text now shows the correct letter.
- Pound key quick-arm combinations are now recognized and may be used to arm the driver.
- Licensing updated.


This driver integrates Honeywell Vista BPT Panels into Control4 systems, via direct RS232
connection. No additional hardware is needed.

Follow the 128/250 BPT setup guide for directions on wiring the RS232 connection to the panel.

NOTE: You cannot simultaneously use a serial printer and integration.

The following group of fields must be set to use the serial port for integration.

*05   Enter 1 to send System Event Messages via RS232 port
*14   Enter 1 to enable Home/Facility Automation Control Input
1*78  Extended Home Control Events (Enter 1 for extended)
1*79  Home Control Event Types (Enter 1 for each event type to be enabled; 0 to disable)
1*80  Enter 1 to improve automation performance by disabling fault/restore messages over the automation port.
    If you require live mapping while the system is disarmed, you must enter 0 here.

The following group of fields must be set to enable the panel to send feedback to the driver.

0*05 System Events notify, set to 1.
1*70 Event Log Types, set all to 1.
1*79 Home Control Event Types, set all to 1.

Zone change information does not get sent by the panel while the panel is armed. Only when the panel is disarmed and/or in alarm mode.

Once the panel is wired and programmed according to the setup/programming guide:

[1] Add this driver to the project.
[2] Add a 'Vista BPT Control' driver and bind it to 'Keypad Partition 1' of this driver.
[3] The 'Control' driver will now be able to arm and disarm partition 1.
[4] Add and bind Contact Sensors for the zones you wish to track. Binding a sensor to Zone 1 will reflect the open/closed state of Zone 1.

If you have more than 1 partition, be sure to increase the 'Partition Limit' property.

If you have 3 partitions, the Partition Limit should be set to 3. Setting the limit unnecessarily high will degrade performance.

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