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Lightning fast access to your Control4 automation system. Instantly turn on and off lights, start whole-home music, play movies, or set the thermostat temperature. InstantControl is a fast and lightweight, yet sophisticated, next-generation interface designed from the ground up to provide a simple and elegant user experience. ).

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Control your Music, Videos, TV, Radio, Thermostat, and Blinds without waiting. See what’s playing and quickly pause, skip songs, or turn the room off. A simple remote control interface provides easy operation over all your media.




  • Free 48 hour trial period - no license key needed!
  • The fastest way to access and issue commands from an App
  • Up to 10 InstantButtons for quick access to commonly used commands
  • Consistent interface across all mobile platforms
  • Media bar shows current album art and play controls
  • Customizable text area at the top for instant system messages (such as alerts or reminders)
  • Simple and quick remote control
  • Remembers the last screen you were on; even if you switch devices
  • Personalize the color scheme to match your mood
  • Easy access to:
    • Lighting Control
    • Thermostat
    • Lighting Control
    • Audio and Music
    • Video and TV
    • Blinds and Shades
    • Contacts and Relays

Dealer Resources

Driver License:  Site (one required per project)

Version 3.0

 - Added support for OS 2.8 and new list navigator layout and features. Fully backwards compatible.

Version 2.7

 - Added support for OS 2.7. The driver has been adapted to contain both drivers inside itself, and will load the appropriate one for the system it is running on.

This driver provides an InstantControl interface from Control4 to the App.

PLEASE NOTE: It is necessary to add more than 1 driver to the project to accommodate multiple individuals in the household.

There are 2 recommended approaches:

1) Add 1 driver for each device in the household. This will provide a separate user interface experience on each device. This approach is ideal for devices that are commonly shared between users.

2) Add 1 driver for each individual in the household. This will provide the same user interface experience on any of that user's devices. Ex: Sally has her phone and tablet connect to the same driver (same port). After navigating to her music library on her phone, she may then switch to her tablet and pickup in the exact same spot where she left off. This feature can be very powerful for users that do not share their devices.

Note: This driver is intended to be used on a local password protected and encrypted network only.

Add the driver to the project, enter the license key, and press set.
Verify that the License Status field acknowledges a successful activation.

Take note of the driver's port property value. This information will be required to connect the mobile app to the driver.

Connect the mobile device to the wireless network on which the controller resides.

Upon starting the mobile app, you will be prompted to input the Controller IP and Port.

Press connect, and you should be presented with the InstantControl interface.

License Key:
Field for license key entry.

License Status:
Field showing license key activation status.

Configurable port number. It is recommended you let the driver automatically select a port but it can be modified if desired.

Home Name:
Customizable field, that will populate at the top of the mobile app. HTML tags can be used for formatting.

Volume Increment:
When the volume remote button is pressed, the driver will execute it (x) times. Useful if you have a receiver or amplifier that turns up/down in small increments.

InstantButton 1 - 10:
Fields for adding a custom quick button to the mobile app home screen. HTML tags can be used for formatting.
These are programmable events in Composer.

Debug Mode:
Standard debug options for troubleshooting.

Home Name: Value
Adds the ability to change the Home Name field through Composer programming.
This will populate at the top of the mobile app.

This can useful for triggering warning messages and other alerts you want to show in the mobile app.

Both the Home Name and InstantButton fields can be styled with HTML. This is very useful in certain situations.

Example 1: A scrolling red warning message!
Home Name: <marquee><span style="color:red">Fish Tank Water Level is LOW</span></marquee>

Example 2: A bold green InstantButton for opening the garage.
InstantButton 1: <span style="color:green"><b>Garage Door Up</b></span>

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