Insteon V1 (legacy)

Partner: Domaudeo
Domaudeo Insteon(legacy) DIY-oriented Insteon driver for Control4.
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Insteon is the gold standard networking technology for the connected home. It is a dualmesh control

and sensing, remote control technology. Lighting control, leak, door and motion sensing, garage door

control are amongst the most popular applications.


Insteon uses a unique, dualband approach to provide reliability not attainable by single band

technologies. Using both the existing wires (power line) in the home and radiofrequency

communication, Insteon adds remote control and automation to lighting, appliance and home control

applications of all types. From lighting control to integrated security systems, Insteon allows you to

manage your home the way you want. Easy to install and set up, Insteon offers the flexibility and

dependability to make life more convenient, safe and fun.


Over 200 Insteon products mean that virtually any control or sensing solution in a home or business

can be accomplished.


The Control4 driver communicate via many popular INSTEON IP or Serial interfaces for maximum

flexibility. It will integrate natively with INSTEON with no third party controller involved, you’ll get fast

response and the most complete set of features available.



Native Insteon integration

Communicate directly to the Insteon Modem, no third party interface

Ultrafast response time and feedback

FULL control over Insteon lightning and Keypad modules

Insteon Scenes support with wholescene dimming capability

Advanced Lightning Agent support

I/O Linc support with native Control4 Relay/Contact connections

Motion Sensor support with full configuration

Mostly generic commands set used to insure compatibility to the broadest range of modules

Support for any other Insteon devices by using scenes.

I2CS support for newer modules and future one

Button Link support to link Insteon and nonInsteon devices

Complete button push/release/tap events, volume ramping supported

Modules LED control

Basic X10 support


Check out the instruction manual for further details:


This driver is available with FREE 72h trial activated when added to a project.

This driver does NOT work with the new Insteon Hub v2 (2245-222). Get a Powerlinc Serial Modem instead (2413S).

It still work with the discountinued Hub v1 (2242-222), the Smartlinc (2412N) and the older Serial Powerlinc Modem (2412S)


Version 1.2.5

Thermostat driver removed due to bad reliability of the Insteon thermostat


Driver License:  Site (one required per project)


INSTEON Generic Sensor driver version 1.2


It is recommended that you add the PowerLinc Modem driver first prior to adding this Motion Sensor Driver. Il will connect automatically to the PowerLinc Modem driver. If that driver is not added first, then those connections will need to be made manually.


INSTEON Generic Sensor driver let use monitor most INSTEON sensor modules. It present a contact connectiont that can be connected to any generic Control4 sensor drivers like the Door Contact or the Water Detector. One driver should be added for each sensor that is monitored.


Device Address:
This is the INSTEON address of the sensor. The address is a group of three HEX numbers found on the motion sensor itself. The address must be entered by separating each HEX group by a SPACE (like: F3 18 E8)


Debug Mode:
Used to see debug information on the lua output tab or in Director system log.