Insteon V2

Partner: Domaudeo
A complete Insteon integration driver.
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Instreon logov2

Important: This driver DOES NOT WORK with the Insteon Hub v2 (2245-222)

Supported interface: Insteon Hub v1 (2242-222) and Powerlinc Serial Modem (2413S)

The Hub v1 was discountinued in 2016 but you can still purchase the Powerlinc Serial Modem 2413S for pretty cheap at many online store and it is 100% compatible with this driver.


This release 2.1 has removed Insteon Linking feature from the driver since it was too buggy. You MUST use Houselinc software (included) to link your Insteon devices to the Hub before starting the Control4 integration. It's PITA but this is the only way to get a rock solid Insteon integration with Control4.








Driver License:  Site (one required per project)