KMTronic IP Temperature Monitor (Unlimited boards)

Partner: Kiwifarm
A temperature monitoring digital device supporting up to 4 DS18B20 sensors. This driver supports UNLIMITED KMT Boards
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  • KMTronic provided the Relay board we used for the driver development and testing.
  • Alex Edmondo participated to the requirements definition and testing.
  • YATUN for the information about connection with its driver. 


Driver License:  Site (one required per project)

Device setting (from the KMTronic Howto)

The default IP address of the device is If your LAN IP mask is different, you need one time access to network 192.168.1.x to change default setting of KMTronic.

Open a browser and type

The default user is admin with password admin.

In “Configuration” menu you can change default IP Address, Gateway and HTTP Port.

For the integration with Control4, the device must have a fixed IP address. Please, set it on the device or in your DHCP server setting.

In “Authorization Configuration” you can change username name and password for device authentication. They will be required during the Driver configuration, so write them down.

Verify on web page of Temperature Monitor if your sensors work.

Driver installation

Install the driver in your Control4 project using the composer (as any other driver) and set the folllowing properties:


Debug: in normal operating conditions is better to set it to “Off”

  • KMTronic IP: device IP you set in the previous step.
  • KMTronic Port: device HTTP Port if you changed it.
  • KMTronic User & KMTronic Password: the one you use to access to the device from a browser (web interface).
  • Polling minutess: select the frequency you want to update Control4 about the change of sensors status.
  • Calibrate sensor: you can calibrate your sensor here.
  • License code: copy & paste here the license code obtained during the license buying process.



For each temperature sensor, you will find a Temp_Sensor connection that allows to connect it to the Yatun Software Thermostat (Free) -

You simply have to create new connections with Temperature Input.

Have fun with our Made in Italy, Homemade Organic Drivers!