MyQ Control4 Driver

Partner: HouseLogix
Looking for a simple, cost effective way to integrate your Liftmaster, Chamberlain, or Raynor Internet enabled garage doors and lights? The HouseLogix MyQ Control4 driver bridges the gap between your MyQ Garage Door and your home automation system, giving you full control in less than 15 minutes!).

MSRP: $199
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Our Control4 driver allows you to integrate with the MyQ and Assure Link system (LiftmasterChamberlain, Craftsman Assure Link or Raynor) to:

  • Control garage doors, in-wall lights, and lamp outlet switches, even the light on the garage door opener!
  • Lights appear like a normal Control4 switch
  • Easy installation – simply supply power and a network cable to the Internet Gateway
  • Nothing to attach to the physical garage door – relay free!
  • Polling feature maintains a status of the garage door position even if manually opened or closed.
  • Works in conjunction with the MyQ app
  • No confusion when working with the garage door installer
  • Works with the Wi-Fi enabled Universal Garage Door Remote
    • Supports Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Craftsman, Linear, Genie, Overhead, Stanley, and Wayne-Dalton doors
  • Supports openers with Wi-Fi built-in such as the WD1000WF

Driver Installation Notes:

  • Free 48 hour trial period - no license key needed!
  • Will not work with MyQ Secure+ 2.0
  • You must have a Internet Gateway, LM821, or Wi-Fi built in opener.
  • Setup devices using the app first.
  • Add one driver for each device you want to control and bind it to either an Outlet Light or Relay (Door, Gate, etc.)


Driver License:  Site (one required per project)

 - Added support for latest API changes

 - Added support for latest API changes

 - Added support for passwords with special characters.
 - Added masking of input to the password property.

 - Added support for new WiFi opener models.

HouseLogix Liftmaster MyQ Device Driver

This driver integrates a MyQ device (garage door, gate opener, or light) into Control4.

Setup your MyQ device with the MyQ app as normal. Add this driver to your project, and enter your
MyQ account username and password on the Properties tab. Switch to the Actions tab and click the
"Get Account Devices" button. This will login to the MyQ account, parse the project, and output
the associated devices into the Lua tab. Switch to the Lua tab, where you should see device information
from your MyQ account. Find the appropriate deviceID for the device you wish to integrate. Enter this id
into the DeviceID field on the Properties tab.

If this device is a MyQ door or gate, add a generic relay from Motorization. For example, add an
electronic gate. If this is a MyQ light, add a generic outlet light from Discontinued Products -> Lighting.

Now bind the relay or light to the MyQ driver on the Connections page. The MyQ device can now be controlled
from this connection.

Poll Frequency:
Sets how often the device state is polled - Asks door, are you open or closed? - then updates the touchscreen interface.
Be careful when setting this to a fast speed in a project that has many devices.

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