LimitlessLED / MiLight / Easybulb

Partner: Domaudeo
Control4 driver for LimitlessLED / MiLight / Easybulb Wi-Fi RGBW bulbs
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Mi-Light / LimitlessLED is a low-cost smart color changing LED bulb solution that can be bought at many online stores.

It require the Wi-Fi bridge version 4.0, it may not work with previous hub version since they use a different port.

At this point, this driver cannot discover the Wi-Fi hub on the network, you will need to configure the hub to join you local Wi-Fi network using the mobile app, then find its IP by whatever way (we recommend looking for the Hub MAC in the DHCP leases table in your router)

This version only support controlling RGBW bulb and RGBW LED strip controller. Support for older RGB or White bulb can be added on request.

Usage is pretty straightforward: there is two dimmers, one for brightness, one for color change. The Limitless system does not support dimming individual R-G-B color, it use only 256 preset colors. This is all what is possible to do with those bulbs.

LimitlessLED system is in fact..... very limited so the Control4 integration cannot be 100% reliable. It use one-way UDP command that sometime get lost before reaching the Wi-Fi hub, it does not report its state, does not provide any feedback and cannot handle burst of commands... So that mean a driver with very basic functionality and no warranty it'll work everytime. Also there is no ramping command in those bulb so we implemented a software-based ramping that will never work as well as a true hardware ramping, use this feature at your own risk.

This is why we are releasing this driver with free 24h trial built-in. To enable the trial, just enter "trial24" as license key and you're good to go for a whole day. Need more time for testing? Just remove and re-add the driver and you're back with another 24h trial. Use that as many time as you want.

Driver License:  Site (one required per project)

Mi-Light / LimitelessLED Driver version 1.0.5

This driver will integrate the Mi-Light / LimitessLED RGBW Bulb into Control4 using the Wi-Fi bridge.
It basically reproduce all functions available on the remote control of the mobile app.

A single hub can control up to 4 groups of bulbs, you can use as many hubs as you want in a project to control more lights.

Setup procedure:

- Connect the Wi-Fi bridge to an USB port or any USB power supply (the USB port of a Control4 Controler work)
- Install the mobile app
- Link all your bulbs to the hub using the app and the 4-tap process (see bulb manual for details). Insure all is correcty working with the app before going further
- Setup your mobile device to connect to the Wi-Fi network provided from the Wi-Fi hub (see Hub's manual for more details)
- Configure the Wi-Fi hub to connect to the local Wi-Fi network
- Once the Hub have restarted, get it's IP address from whatever way. We recommend using the router DHCP table available through the router configuration interface. Check your router manual to see where it can be found. You will need to search the DHCP table for the MAC address you can see on the first screen of the mobile app
- At this point we recommend creating a DHCP reservation for the IP address of the Wi-Fi hub, since the hub does not support static IP, this will prevent it have it's IP changed over time. Check your router manual for DHCP reservation instruction
- In Composer Pro, add the Mi-Light Wi-Fi Hub driver
- Add a valid license code or leave blank for 72h trial
- Go to the Connection tab and enter the IP address of the Hub
- Check the propertie screen to see if it is now online
- Now add some Mi-Light / LimitessLED RGBW Bulb driver and link them to the proper group they belong in the Connection tab.

Auto-ON: This feature is enabled by default and allow the driver to send a ON command prior of sending the brightness/color command. This add a slight control delay but ensure the bulb will turn ON everytime a command is sent. Disabling this option will send command directly to the bulb but you will need to turn it on manually first.

Command Delay: Defines the delay between sequential commands.

Programming actions:

- All ON / All OFF Turn all group ON or OFF
- All Group Direct Brightness Set To set the brightness of all the bulbs controlled by this Hub
- All Group Direct Color Set To set the color of all the bulbs controlled by this Hub


2014/11/15 Version 1.0 Initial release

2014/12/29 Version 1.0.5 Added Houselogix activation