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In my case I had a 50' HDMI cable running from my components room to the theatre through floor joists behind a drywall ceiling. The theatre end of the plug was defective, it would stop working after the projected was running for an hour or so. I think the heat from the projector was causing the plug to loose connection. I replaces the original plug with the Houselogix HDMI repair kit and it has been working great.

Be prepared to pinout the connector as I found the pinout provided did not apply to my cable. I think there are many manufactures and no standard to colour coding. It's not difficult to do if you are replacing the male end as this replacement is a female connector. I cut the end of the cable off stripped back the wires plugged it into the replacement connector and used a multi meter to find the colour coding. If you do not have a male end this may be more difficult.

If you are purchasing from Canada as I did, be aware UPS charges brokerage fees for anything over $100.00 Canadian, due to the exchange rate I had to pay an extra $45.00 for shipping. Perhaps using the postal service would be a better way to ship this, it's certainly small enough.
From: Dean | Date: 2/6/2016 2:19 PM
Life Saver
Awesome product. We had an HDMI cable that got damaged behind the drywall when I was moving a plug. Rather than doing all the work to redo the cable (interior of our walls are spray foamed) I found this online and decided to try it.

Had to pin out the HDMI cable like the last reviewer, but after that it was pretty easy. The wiring itself was kind of a pain, but was less painful than replacing the whole cable.

Only thing that stopped this from being a 5 star review is the lack of shipping options. Paying $95 to get it priority UPS kind of sucked.

That being said, saved my ass....

On another note, TOP NOTCH CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I can't stress this enough with their speedy response to my emails, and accommodating me
From: Darryl | Date: 4/21/2016 6:29 PM

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