RFID Proximity Card Reader & Keypad

Now your Control4 system can be used for home and light commercial access control. This dual use RFID reader and keypad connects to our Wiegand to RS232 converter and in conjunction with our HouseLogix Access Control Database (HACD) gives you access control for up to 500 users.

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Note: In order for the keypad functionality to work this must be connected via Wiegand and requires the use of our Wiegand to Serial converter. Direct RS232 access will only work for RFID cards/key fobs.


  • All readers are UL, ULc, CE, and ROHS compliant
  • Outdoor IP-66 rated
  • 12 Digit Numeric Keypad with Back Lighting
  •  Wall Mount (US, EU, Asian Gang Box Size)
  •  Reverse Polarity Protection
  •  Read Range : IDC80 / IDC170 Up to 4 inch (10cm)
  •  Operation Mode (RF, PIN, RF+PIN)
  • 125KHz[PSK Modulation] Proximity / PIN Reader
  • Keypad : 26bit Wiegand, 4/8bit Burst for PIN Output Format Selectable
  • Waterproof IP66

Architect & Engineering Specifications

  • Measurements: 3.4" x 3.94" x 1.22" (87mm x 100mm x 31mm)
  • Dark pearly grey body
  • Weight = 190g
  • Red, yellow and green LED with buzzer.
  • 12V @ max of 150 mA
  • 125 KHz frequency using PSK modulation
  • Reading range of approximately 4 inches (10 cm)
  • Operatiing temperature of between -35C and + 65C, 10% humidty - 90% RH (non condensing)
  • 100% water proof (IP68)

Driver Features:

  • Connects to the HouseLogix Access Control Database for User Management
  • Ability to program events off a specific user's badge
  • Programming events for when a user is authenticated or denied access
  • Trigger actions based on the reader's events (approved or denied) 

Additional Operation Instructions:

  1. Once power is applied, you can hear 3 initial beeps while the 3 LEDs turn on. Then, the only red LED light stays
    on, indicating that the reader is in the standby mode after successful initialization and diagnostics.
  2. Present an RF proximity card to the reader until you hear a beep sound and see the green LED blink. The
    reader will send the RF card data to the controller, then the green LED turns off again going back to the standby
    mode for the next reading.
  3. LED Control:
    You may change the behavior of the red, green and yellow LEDs as follows;
    1. To keep the red LED turned off, connect the LED control in wire (white with red stripe) to the GND.
    2. To keep the green LED turned on, connect the LED control in wire (yellow wire) to the GND.
    3. To keep the yellow LED turned on, connect the LED control in wire (white wire with blue stripe) to the GND.

View The Video Tutorial

Wiring Using Wiegand

Wiring Using Serial

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