Rachio Control4 Driver

Easily integrate your GEN1 or GEN2 Rachio Iro with Control4 for full access to each zone and more.

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Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, 2nd Generation

  • Instantly take control from anywhere. Rachio gives you complete access to adjust your sprinkler system from your Android, iOS and laptop devices.
  • Weather intelligence. Waters automatically based on past, present, and future weather plus seasonal adjustments. No need to worry about updating schedules.
  • Saves you water and money. EPA WaterSense certified smart watering, including automatic rain delays, can save users over 50% of their outdoor water use. Plus, eligible for rebate options up to 100% of retail value.
  • Easy installation. Replace your current controller within 30 minutes. Works with any sprinkler system up to 16 zones, with no special tools or expertise required, and connects with your home WiFi.
  • The most connected sprinkler controller. Integrates with Nest, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Wink, Control4, Nexia and other top tier home automation systems for expanded functionality.
  • Designed for the future. Cloudbased software allows for constant updates, expanded capabilities, and integration with new platforms. 

Driver Features

  • Works with both GEN1 and GEN2 Rachio Iro controllers
  • Manually control zones from Control4 touchscreens
  • View current zone status
  • Rain Delay
  • Turn device on and off
  • Pause and resume schedule e.g 
    • • If music is playing in the back yard, automatically enable a raid delay so the sprinklers don’t turn on.
    • • You're having guests over for a picnic and do not want the system to resume until 10pm.
    • • Garden vegetables need to be watered at the same time each day but you are away from home during this time.
  • Automate events in your house based on the sprinkler system or vice versa

Driver License:  Site (one required per project)

 - Adjustment to time on UI updates for zone shutoff

 - Bug fix rain delay device specific command
 - Remove unsupported api commands (resume/pause schedule)

 - Poll Interval Property in unit seconds
 - Poll every interval for the current state of each zone
 - Bug fixes for receiving feedback

 - Initial Release

This driver integrates the Rachio Iro Sprinkler Controller into your Control4 system. First, setup the Iro and ensure it works with the mobile app.

Log into the web app at https://app.rach.io

Inside the web app, click on the menu button to expose the left side slide-out menu. At the bottom of the menu, you will see 'API Token:' followed by a 36 character token. Enter this API Token into the driver on the Properties tab, and click 'Set'.

If only one Iro is connected to this account, it's ID will populate in the Device ID field. If there are multiple Iro's connected to the account, switch to the Lua tab and select the ID of the device you wish to control, and enter it in the Device ID field.

Add a relay (Sprinkler) to the project for each zone you wish to control. Bind each relay to the appropriate Zone # under the Connections tab.

API Token:
Enter your Rachio API Token.

Device ID:
Enter the Device ID as shown on the Lua tab after entering your API Token.

Manual Runtime:
Length of time in seconds to run a zone after manually toggling it from the Control4 touchscreen.
Default 300 (5 minutes)

Rain Delay:
Length of time in hours to delay schedule when 'Rain Delay' command is triggered.

ON/OFF. Queries Iro every 5 minutes for current state.

Print Zone Info, etc.

Rain Delay:
Delay schedule.

Device OFF:
Turn device off.

Device ON:
Turn device on.

Schedule PAUSE:
Pause the device schedule.

Schedule RESUME:
Resume the device schedule.

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