Rimikon LED Driver & Module

Rimikon IP Controller Drivers and Modules.

Control4 Driver URC Module Crestron Module

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Integrate Rimikon LED IP Controllers into your home automation systems!

NOTE: At time of writing, the Rimikon app does not support setting a static IP address. You will want to create a DHCP reservation on your network router, such that the IP address for the device does not change.


Control4 Driver

This driver integrates the Rimikon LED IP Controller into Control4 systems. After completing setup of the device, add this driver to the project and enter the IP address of the controller on the properties tab.

  • Control Rimikon LED lighting from Control4 touchscreens, apps, keypads, and more.
  • On, Off, and Dimmer Control

URC Module

This URC Module supports multiple Rimikon controllers in one project, grouping them into one easy to navigate control panel/screen.

This module supports user interfaces on the following URC products:

  • TKP-7000
  • TKP-2000
  • TRC-1080
  • URC Mobile Phone (iOS/Android)
  • URC Mobile Tablet (iOS/Android)

The module also supports macro based programming. 


The Rimikon LED Crestron module supports both 2 and 3 series control systems.

This package includes the following:

  • Crestron Module (RimikonLED.usp)
    • Controls hardware device.
  • Example Project – RMC3 (rimikon.smw)
    • Routes signals between module and touchpanel.
  • Example Demo Touchscreen – XPanel (interface.vtp)
    • Display and emit signals.