Telegram Bot Control4 Driver

Partner: Kiwifarm
Just download the driver to try it for free. Buy a license after 7 days to keep using it. We have released a stable version of the driver connecting the Control4 world with Telegram, the messaging app. The driver allows to deliver Control4 messages to Telegram users. Messages are easily generated by populating the Control4 variable provided by the driver, and multiple Telegram accounts can be paired to a single driver instance.
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  • Popular free messaging system.
  • Message delivery faster than any other application.
  • Desktop and mobile multiplatform apps.


  • Control4 messages can be delivered to Telegram users.
  • Messages are easily generated by populating the Control4 variable provided by the driver.
  • Multiple Telegram accounts can be paired to a single driver instance.


  • Helping the installer during the programming phase to read variable values, test logic conditions, etc.
  • Monitoring and warning when an event or a series of events occur.
  • Replacing a push notification system with a free and efficient alternative.


  • Telegram allowed this integration thanks to its open API.
  • Alex Edmondo helped with an extensive test.








1. Activating the License

  1. First you need to download the driver and get the license code from Houselogix:

  2. Install the driver in your project.

  3. Go to System Design in the “Properties Tab” of the Telegram Bot driver.  

  4. Type your license code in the “Licence Code” property and “Set” it, the driver will automatically start the licensing routine.

  5. Look at the “License Status” property to check the activation status.  



2. Pairing Telegram Users

2.1. Specify Telegram Users (on the Composer)

  1. Type the Telegram usernames you want to pair in the “Username” driver property. Multiple users are accepted using a comma to separate the accounts (e.g. “Goophy, Mickey, Minnie”).

  2. Type an arbitrary numeric pairing code (e.g. “12345”) in the "User Code" driver property (this will be used to pair the driver with your Telegram users).


Note: Make sure that your users have set a username on their Telegram Apps (Settings > Info > Username), you have to specify such username in the driver.


2.2. Send the pairing code (on Users’ Telegram Apps)

  1. Create a chat with the bot, by typing the chat bot name “@c4telegrambot” on the search bar of the app.



  1. Send a message to the bot, containing only the arbitrary numeric pairing code entered on the composer.


Repeat the operations above for each user that you want to abilitate.


2.3. Confirm the pairing (on the Composer)

  1. Go to the “System Design” section and select in the “Actions” tab of the Telegram Bot driver.

  2. Click on “test username” button.



  1. The driver will check for the last messages sent to the bot looking for the pairing code received from the users in the “Username” property.

  2. The paired users will receive a message confirming the pairing, and the new property "Username Associated" will appear, to confirm the associations.



Note: Only the users present in the "Username Associated" property will receive the messages. In the example in the picture above, Mickey will not receive the messages, since his pairing process was not confirmed.


3. Sending Messages to Telegram

On the Composer, in the “Programming” section, you will find a new string-type variable called “WriteToBot”. Each time the content of “WriteToBot” is changed, its new content is sent to all the paired Telegram users and the variable value is cleared.

Note: The messages addressed to a given Telegram Bot driver are sent to all users paired with such driver. If you need to send distinct messages to different users, you should install multiple copies of the driver, with the same licence, pairing a different set of users to the different driver copies.


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