Basic Control4 Integration for UniFi NVRs.
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Auto Update2.6.0 +

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Have a UniFi NVR? Looking for a way to integrate it with Control4? Now is the time!  This is a simple driver that supports H264 & snapshot. That means that it won't work display video on all Control4 interfaces as older non-EA series Navigators require MJPEG and the MyPC app require MJPEG.  This will display video on mobile Navigators and newer EA series navigators.

The UnifI API is VERY limited and not documented.  If more capabilities become available, I will update to support them.


Driver License:  Site (one required per project)

02/04/17 - 1.0.1 - Initial release

Note: must be on UniFi Video NVR firmware 3.2 or later.


Enable API Access

  1.      Log into the NVR and go to the User section
  2.      Enable API usage for a user and copy the API Key

API Key 

Find RTSP URL (RTSPRUI field in driver)

  1.      Login to the NVR
  2.      Select a camera
  3.      Enable RTSP Services
  4.      Copy the RTSP URL into the RTSPuri field.  This is everything after the / in the RTSP URL field


Get the Camera ID (ID Field in driver)

  1.      The Camera id part of the RTSP URL.  It is the portion after the / and before the _.

For example if the rtsp URL is rtsp://ip:port/588639f8e4b0fc25aa21b264_2

Then the camera id is the italics portion.


General Settings

  1.      The IP should be the IP of the NVR
  2.      The RTSP port should be the RTSP port from the RTSP URL (Generally 7447)
  3.      The HTTP should be the port you connect to the NVR on (Generally 7080)
  4.      We also recommend increasing the RTSP framerate from the default of 15 frames to a higher number.