Advanced DMX V2 for Control4

Partner: Domaudeo
Domaudeo Low Voltage/LED Control Solution version 2.0. The best affordable solution for low-voltage LED or RGB(W) integration with Control4.
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IMPORTANT UPDATE v2.02, To all customer already using 2.0 or 2.01, please update immediately to v2.02!

The new version 2.02 fixe an issue that may cause the driver to react sluggishly. A wrong line of code was causing this. The v2.02 fix that and bring back the instanteneous response time this driver was designed for. It also slightly enhance the Master Dimmer management in both RGB Dimmer and RGB Group Dimmer drivers.

You don't have to update the whole driver suite in you project, just do an in-place update or the "RS-232 DMX Engine" driver you'll be good.


We are proud to relase this new version 2.0 or our low-voltage/RGB lighting control solution based on DMX. This version was supposed to be a minor update but it became a full rebuild with tons of added features.

The version 2.0 is based on a new firmware for the RS-232 DMX Engine (included with the driver), it enable faster data transfer and new features enhance the overall experience.

This version also provide the most requested feature since the first release of this solution in 2014: A ColorPicker wheel. You can now easily change the lighting color just by touching a colored wheel on your touchscreen or mobile device.

There is not so many good and affordable solutions of this kind right now, this driver may fill a gap many people wanted since a while.

The driver is well suited to work either with RGB/RGBW lights or any low voltage lighting system, it use DMX as the standard lightning control protocol. It teams with a powerful interface that is the RS-232 DMX Engine from Engineering Solutions Inc. This little box have enough power to allow a complete management of a whole house low voltage lighting, RGB LED, Color effects, smooth fades, and more.

Altough the powerful RGB(W) control option, it can also serve as a central lightning control for the whole house using low-voltage LED lights, making the most affordable and eco-friendly centralized lightning system ever with all the beneficts of Control4 as a bonus.

The driver fully support Advanced Lightning Agent scenes with perfectly synchronous activation with no external tool required to build a scene, it also feature a highly user friendly color effect management and native Control4 dimmer control to keep the experience similar the same as with Control4 own lightning system.

Quick features list:
- Native Control4 Dimmer Control
- Full Advanced Lightning Agent support
- Perfectly smooth scene activation with no popcorn effect
- Smooth fades and color transition
- Built-in effects (fully customizable): Color Loop, Chase Effect, Random Loop, Disco, Knight Rider and more!
- No CPU overhead
- Support parallel tasking
- Ultra fast response time
- Exclusive Effect Switch for easy color effect management
- Exclusive ColorChanger driver to manage light color using a single slider
- Sound-to-Light
- White override for RGBW Lightning

Licensing: Support both MAC-based and HouseLogix-based. For complete autonomous offline use, we do recommend requesting an offline activation key based on the controller MAC address, otherwise use HouseLogix activation.


Installation tutorials are available on the YouTube Channel:

This chart compares strickly the features each solution has to offer when integrated with a Control4 system.

Demo videos:







Driver License:  Site (one required per project)
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