PJLink is a new unified standard designed to make communication from one projector manufacturer to another uniform and common. With this PJLink driver for Control4 you can control multiple projector makes and models over the network with two way feedback. This includes BenQ which recently announced a new partnership with SnapAV (which operates HouseLogix).

A non-exhaustive list of supported manufacturers include BenQ, Mitsubishi Electric, InFocus, NEC, Casio, Canon, Sharp, Sky, Seiko Epson, Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi and Ricoh.


  • IP Control
  • Control
    • Power On / Off
    • Input Switching
    • Volume Up / Down
    • Mic Volume Up / Down
    • Freeze / Unfreeze
    • Video Mute / Audio Mute
  • Feedback.
    • Projector Name
    • Maker Name
    • Model Name
    • Other Info
    • Serial Number
    • Software Version
    • Lamp Replacement Model Number
    • Filter Replacement Model Number
    • Filter Usage Time
    • Lamp Hours
    • Current Power Status
    • Current Input
    • Input Resolution
    • Recommended Resolution
    • Error Status – Fan, Lamp, Temp, Cover Open, Filter, Others

What projectors will this work on?

The PJLink website has a list of projector make and models. Note that this is not a definitive list.

What is Class 1 and Class 2?

Projectors support different versions of the protocol.  Chowmain's driver supports both Class 1 and Class 2.  Class 2 is an expansion of the Class 1 PJLink protocol which provides the following additional functionality.

  • Serial Number
  • Software Version
  • Internal Resolution
  • Recommended Resolution
  • Volume Up
  • Volume Down
  • Mic Volume Up
  • Mic Volume Down
  • Freeze On
  • Freeze Off
  • Replacement Lamp Model
  • Replacement Filter Model
  • Filter Usage Time

For more information, or to purchase, please visit the PJLink Universal Control4 Driver product page.